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True leadership calls people UP into their identity not OUT on their behavior.

Being in ministry can be stressful and lonely. We have a heart for ministers and thier spouses who need a kind word and a friend in time of need. We have no agenda except to be a covenant friend. We are not here to build an organization of rules and regulations, to tell you what you should be doing in your own ministry, or to lord over you. Simply put, we want to be your friend. If you are in need in anyway or just want a safe place, email us for interaction and connection. We love God's kingdom builders and pray your journey will lead to greatness and divine connections along the way. 

Pastors Leon & Denise Weber

Pastor's Wives and Women in Ministry
Pastor's Wives and Women in Ministry

The role of a Pastor's wife can be a complex one. After 30+ years of ministry, many crises, and countless obstacles, one thing that always stands clear to me is this: BE YOURSELF. There will always be people who will try to change you into what they “need" and think you should be. I spent the first half of our ministry life trying so hard to "fit in" and find approval from those above me, as well as those under me that I nearly lost my life, but I did lose "myself" or my identity. It took going through a depression to find the real me. God will do this, shake you until all those false things fall off and you come up from the ashes the person He called you to be. The problem with this process, is that others judge you during this all important re-creation. It is much like the well-spoken of cocoon in which that crawling, dirt-eating bug becomes that gorgeous butterfly created to lift off the dirty areas of life and get up into the wind and sunshine to travel how God intended it to. It can be a hard process, and very messy as well. What I have learned through this is that no one can “take” your identity, you have to give them access to steal it. Identity theft is a huge crime on the increase right now in the world. It is no different in the Kingdom of God. There are identity thieves all around trying to take the life God intended you to live. One huge thief is man-made traditions and rules that constrict the God given you. When you give openings to these areas, you allow access for the enemy to gain ground in your life. Sin can enter and lodge itself in the weak areas of your life. Finding your “core”, who you really are; is the key to build a strong identity in the Lord. He wants you to be the best YOU imaginable. Pastor Leon and I are so grateful for where we are in our lives at this moment in our ministry. Sometimes you don't realize the bondage you were in until you get out. The last 16 years has been the absolute best! We really feel we are in our prime, and entering our Due Season! 

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    Pastors Leon & Denise Weber
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